Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chemistry lesson from The King of Dramas

I have for the last two weeks been listening to "Blind in Love" on a loop. Its part of my withdrawal symptoms! I am so missing the most amazing k-drama made in such a long time. The King of Dramas. Starring Kang Myung Min and Jung Ryeo Won, this drama became my crack from Day 1. And one of the things it made me wanto to talk about is the rare and intangible thing called "chemistry" is. No amount of good script, setting, music,  good looking leads can help if you dont have chemistry between the two leads. There is no reason or logic for it. Either there is chemistry or there isn't.

And leading the list is a caouple who defintely had it. Anthony Kim and Lee Go Eun. Kim Bong Dal and his sweet potato.
I had heard about this actor and how he was so amazing in White Tower but had never got around to watching anything with him in it.Then I watched Ep 1 of this drama. And rewatched it. And watched it again. I was in love. With Anthony Kim/ Kang Myung Min. For me both are the same. I adored him in the drama and the BTS just sealed my love for him. City Hall was one of the earliest dramas that I watched ( my kdrama obsession starting in 2007) and since then I have been an absolute Cha Seung Won fan. Sure there was an ocassional flutter named Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Rae Won, Oguri Shun, Kim Soo Hyun but at the end of a bad day it was only Cha Seung Won.

But in 2012, came Anthony Kim. The Eyes. The Voice. The Smile. Oh my god! Its like I discovered the purpose of my watching kdramas. It was to watch this giant of an actor on my screen. All the good, bad and ugly of k-dramas that have been in my life, have been to prepare me to watch this man on screen. I started this post to rave about him but find myself short of words. All I can say is I LOVE HIM!

I always liked Jung Ryeo Won. I remember rewatching "Which Star are you from?" not becasue its a great drama but for the natural warm chemistry she had with Kim Rae Won. You could believe that they like each other and will have a nice warm life together. I have heard raves about her performance in History of Salaryman but am yet to watch it.

But in KoD, when you have Anthony Kim and Lee Go Eun on screen together, you understand what sublime chemistry is. These two define the word and then redfine it all over again every moment they are on screen together. More than the said are the unsaid moments between the two. 

1. Lee Go Eun visits the sets of her drama for the first time and you can see the happiness in her eyes.The moment she gets on the stage and starts pretending she is on the award stage, we starts smiling because we have all done that haven't we? practiced our oscar/grammy/filmfare face and speech in frot of the mirror?). And then the camera swings to Anthony who watches her and gives a sudden smile. Its a smile of pure affection and so sudden from this closed poker face guy, that you are not prepared for the wave of delight that washes over you.

2. The part where Anthony makes Go Eun act out the pathetic melo kiss scene in front of the World production guys.There is a moment when he is trying to demonstrate how abrupt the kiss in the scene is as  there is no chemistry and gets close to her face. There is a beat when the disdain in his eyes gives way to awareness (again Kang Myung Min is god of acting!) and its in that one second that the heat turns up so high!

3. "What are you confused about?" He waits and watches her fumble. 'Do you like me? But that would never happen". Smiling he steps away only to be stopped by her voice."Representative" 'What?". He turns with a smile and question in his eyes. She continues to look at him , unable to say anything but her gaze saying everything, you actually see him react as if she actually said the words aloud.

4. The guy sleeps with his tie on. But is totally comfortable with her being physical with him. Her constant back thumps during the Kim Bong Dal scene, pulling him into the production dinner and holding onto his arm for quite some time, pulling her agaisnt him during the "Yeobo!" scene and finally my favourite in the truck, she is nestled against his chest and wants to talk about something warm to keep the cold out. He justs holds her and says"And what else? tell me". There is absolute natural comfort of long time lovers and friends between them. 

4. There is adorable bickering before the confession.
    " Don't tell me those are tears?" "What tears. All this smoke is killing my eyes!' 
    " Don't smile. You'll grow on me"
    " Is it your hobby to spy on people?"

5. There is the squeeworthy " I love you, you know it but I am still going to tease you" bickering which is the best kind.
    " You can't sleep coz you are thinking of me right""Not at all"" huh! Why do I like a heartless guy like you?" "But now you can't take it back!"
" So vulgar!"
"So when did you like me?""I dont't remember"." But I told you everything. So despicable" "Are you getting that now?"   

6. And ofcourse then there is the Kiss! Guys line up and take notes! That is how a man kisses. That is how long a man kisses. This is how a man holds you when he kisses a girl. And that is how a man looks at the girl after kissing her.

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